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Airman First Class Paolo is always up for trying out some new stretching routines, so he hit up his lifeguard buddy Brian to give him some pointers on how lifeguards get warmed up for action. Brian starts him off with some shoulder stretches before moving on to limbering up Paulo's legs. Then it's Brian's turn to get his legs stretched, but Paulo's hands go right to a different muscle group as he slides his hands under Brian's shorts. Paulo pulls Brian's shorts down to release his fat cock. Then he gets his lips right to work on Brian's swelling meat. In moments, Paulo is throating deep down on Brian's cock in between working his nut sack over. Brian jumps onto the sofa and then Paulo strips him down and gets in to some serious cock sucking action. It's clear that Brian is more than happy to get his rod worked over by a hot Airman, and even more happy to have his ass eaten out as Paulo spreads Brian's legs wide. Paulo jams his tongue deep into Brian's flexing hole, eating his entire crack and licking Brian's cum filled nut sack. He works it from every angle in between long strokes on Brian's cock. Then Paulo goes back to giving Brian's cock his full attention. He dives his lips and throat mercilessly down on Brian's cock as Brian grabs the sofa and holds on for the ride. Paulo edges Brian close as he works his cock with his mouth and hands. Then he backs off a bit before edging Brian close again. This time, Brian can't hold back and starts gushing streams of cum all over his lean abs.

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