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Lieutenant Zach trained hard when he was in the military. Zach, like anyone who has ever served in the officer corps, was held to the higher physical standards set for those who seek to lead America's fighting forces. He likes to share his knowledge and enthusiasm at any chance he gets. So when his buddy, EMT Kayden asked him to give him a few workout pointers, Zach was only too happy to help out. The two start off with some face to face pushups, and already, there is electricity in the air. Next, they start on some sit up sets, but Kayden has some other ideas for the kind of workout he would like from his buddy. He stops Zach in mid-situp, spreads his legs, and lip locks immediately. Zach seems aware that his lips were in need of a workout and the two get down to a heavy lip on lip workout. Kayden works his lips down Zach's ripped body, peels back his buddy's jeans, and gets a mouth full of Zach's thick cock. In moments, Zach's dick is standing tall as Kayden throats down on it. Then it's Kayden's turn, and Zach shows off his amazing oral talents as he stretches his throat open to take his buddy's cock in. Kayden has a pretty nice sized tool, so it takes a bit of work. But soon Zach's throat is opened up and he gets his lips all the way down the shaft. Then he throws Kayden's legs up and dives his tongue into his buddy's crack, teasing his hole until Kayden's toes are curling. Kayden takes charge and bends his buddy over and with a few mouthfuls of spit, he teases Zach's hole open and ready for some major dicking. Then Kayden flips him on his back and slides his rock hard raw cock into Zach's warm eager hole. Kayden starts off slow so he can open Zach's hole up. He takes long full strokes on Zach's hole, but soon Zach is ready to take a good pounding, Then Kayden goes at his buddy's ass full bore, slamming his cock in mercilessly. Zach's toes curl as he edges himself closer. Kayden drives cock against Zach's prostate until both studs are hanging on the edge of exploding. Then Kayden pulls out and blows his load all over Zach's ripped abs and bulging chest. Then Zach lets loose a gusher of a load that shoots all the way clear over his shoulder and right past his face; leaving Zach fully glazed in gleaming cum.

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