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Lifeguard Brian has been wanting to step up his workout routine, so he decided to hit up his buddy, Petty Officer Rizzo for a few pointers. Rizzo takes pride in keeping himself fit and trim, and he's had an eye for Brian since they met, so he was only too happy to help out in any way he could. The two studs get right to it as they strip off their shirts to get loosened up. Rizzo starts him off light with some pushups. After a good set of those he has Brian get on all fours to brace him as he does some dips. Then its Brian's turn to work out his triceps before they both move on to some situps. But those are not the exercises that Rizzo is really after. He reaches right down to Brian's crotch, to get a feel for the main muscle under his shorts. In moments, he throws off Brian's shorts and gets his lips right on Brian's raging hardon. After a few good strokes to open his throat up, he goes all the way down on Brian's rod as his buddy's eyes roll back. Rizzo is definitely happpy with what's come up. Now it's Rizzo's turn to sit back and get serviced as Brian jumps his lips right on Rizzo's stiff cock. Then Brian flips Rizzo over to get at his hot butt and eat deep in his hot hole. Then Brian slides his cock up into Rizzo's butt crack and gives it a few good strokes before letting it slide in. Brian is pretty thick, so he takes a few strokes to open up Rizzo's hole before going at it full bore. But Rizzo is loving it, and gives Brian the green light to commence pounding his hole balls deep. Rizzo begs for a deep plowing, and Brian grabs his hips and delivers some major deep tissue action. Then Brian flips his buddy over onto his back so he can get deeper into Rizzo's tight hole. Rizzo holds his leg up and takes ever inch Brian has to ram into him. In moments, Brian is edging close as he holds himself back. Rizzo grabs the back of Brian's ass and pulls him in deeper. Brian's cum filled nuts are slapping Rizzo's hungry hole. Then Rizzo jumps up and straddles Brian's cock and rides it hard, bounding on his rod as Brian drives it in deep and hard. Soon they are both edging close, as Rizzo starts grinding away, taking the full length of Brian's veiny cock before the pounding resumes. Rizzo can't hold back anymore as he gushes a huge load all over Brian's abs and chest. Then Brian jumps up and blasts a huge load in Rizzo's mouth and down his throat.

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