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The Few. The Proud. That was Sergeant Irons. A hardcore Marine who had the chance to deploy to Iraq and see his share of action. In between action, most Marines are stuck looking for things to do that will fight the boredom. In combat, the axiom "hurry up and wait" prevails, so mostly Marines are stuck waiting for something to happen. So, to keep themselves occupied, when they are not collecting sand spiders and scorpions to fight each other, they do a lot of weight lifting. That is how Irons got himself started pumping himself up, and he has kept at it ever since. Sergeant Irons is definitely a man of action, and his hands go right to work on the bulge in his shorts. He works it over through his silky workout shorts. They say pastier is tastier, and when Irons peels off his shirt, he proves the saying. Soon, his cock starts to stir as he works it through his shorts until it's ready for the big reveal. He takes long strokes at the full length as he grinds his hips. With his legs in a nice V, Irons milks his thick cock until every vein shows. Soon, drops of precum start dripping from the head of his rod. He jumps to his knees and gives up a great view of his tight ass cheeks as he continues his stroking. He edges himself closer and slows down his stokes so he can hang just on the edge. As his grip tightens down, his breathing gets heavier, he lets out a couple of moans and launches a spray of cum that flies clear over his head. Showers of cum fly in the air like fireworks until his nuts are completely unloaded.

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