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Petty Officer Chris was part of an elite group of Navy men who served aboard our nation's submarine fleet. Few ever are selected for duty as America's underwater Spartan army. Of course, they say that 160 men go down, and 80 couples return. Petty Officer Chris was a mechanic stationed in San Diego, and traveled around the world, though he saw very little of it since he was underwater for most of the trip. On a submarine, you live on an 18 hour clock, and after a while, you start looking for ways to entertain yourself with a boat full of other men. Rumor has it, Petty Officer Chris does a pretty good Tin Man impression.Petty Officer Chris definitely had an advantage in terms of keeping himself entertained, as the bulge in his jeans clearly shows. He works it over slowly, before he peels his shirt off to show off his toned body. Pretty soon he runs out of room, and has to drop trou to give himself more space. He pulls out his tool from underneath his boxer briefs and works it over until it's standing tall and ready for action. Like most Navy guys, he has a couple tattoos here and there. He works his cock over while his low hanging balls dance below, heavy with cum. Once he's stripped naked, he lays back and strokes his thick rod some more, until each vein is showing. He jumps to his knees and shows off a hot profile as he starts pounding his cock harder. Then he lays back and pounds away like a piston until cum starts gushing from his cock, flowing down the shaft like hot lava.

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