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If there is one thing our fine men in uniform know how to do, it is how to handle a weapon. Hands on, cocking that trigger, and letting rounds fly . . . all over their buddy's face, ass, chest, abs, sometimes even in a few hot holes. Here are some of our finest doing their finest shots, and all of them are definitely on target. Hard bodies rising off the bed, hips thrusting, abs clenching, moans and grunts. Streams of steaming hot creamy loads shooting, oozing, dripping and blasting high in the air. Cum gutters and ass cracks dripping with white. Tats covered over in cum as thick as snow. Stubble hung with streams of jizz like tinsel. Tight grips, tight asses and tight butts put through their paces. This is a real workout for anyone's eyes. Ready or not, here they cum, fully loaded and ready for action. Over 15 minutes of hot, uninterrupted maneuvers. Face to face, back to back, all out sex attack.

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