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Corporal Dane is what is known in the Marine Corps Air Wing as a "rotor head". He worked on the helicopter side of the house, and to help stoke a few more fantasies, he was a diesel mechanic. Dane is a pretty hard bodied stud, with a deep voice and chiseled face that you would expect to see in a Marine. He was pretty rough and tumble, and loved keeping fit. The Corps taught him discipline and how to focus on making the best of himself. He is big in all the right ways, he doesn't move his left or right hand down to start working his meat, he moves both (definitely a good sign). His thick arms, covered in tats, flex as he puts the grip on his meat. The outlines of his cock get larger and larger as he puts the squeeze on his rod. Then he peels off his shirt, and out comes a monster cock with a backdrop of olive skin and six pack abs. He wags it in the air, wets the tips with some fresh spit and milks the head until its flushed and gleaming. Dane lays back and puts one massive arm behind his head before sliding his pants past his massive thighs and laying back with a fist full of cock. He throws his hightop shoes and pants off and lays spread eagle as his nut sack bounces with cum. Dane gets both his hands on that rod, and squeezes, pulls and strokes himself until precum starts leaking from his cock. Then he pops to his knees and gives off an amazing profile shot as he pounds his meat. He takes the drops of gleaming cum from the tip of his cock and tastes his salty precum. Then he lays back, pounds hard at his tool, thighs clenching. Deep moans, and then he launches streamers of creamy white cum in the air, landing on his shoulders, chin, chest - he drenches himself in jiz and then falls back in relief. One final shot at his big brown eyes.

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