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We like to think of our men in uniform in super-human terms, but when it comes down to it, no matter how much training they undergo, they are human like all of us. Case in point, Army Corporal Greene. Hard charging, motivated, adrenaline junky. Your typical twenty-something guy out of the Midwest looking for some action. On his first day in Iraq, jumps out of the helo, rushes to the first objective and trips four times on his way. Undeterred, he and his troop mates moved through the day and lost no one that day, thanks to their training. The Army became like a family to him, as it does to many who join. Army guys are unique though. No one else would stick their junk on a nest of fire ants, probably on a bet. Thankfully, Greene had his head screwed on a bit better than that. By the looks of it, the ants would have had more than they could tangle with. Greene has big hands, always a good sign, and gets right down to working his package over with them. A few good strokes, and he already has to open his jeans to release his monster. He grabs a fistful of cock and starts stroking away as his cum filled sack jogs below. Then he ditches his clothes to show off his lean, toned body and creamy skin. He works his eight inches as it gets harder and thicker. He lays back with one hand behind his head and starts giving his cock a workout. Throws in a little wrist action, and then massages his low hanging balls. Then he goes for it with both hands, working his shaft and head. He starts edging himself closer before he jumps to his knees to give up a nice shot of his ass cheeks. His breathing starts getting heavier as he takes harder, faster strokes at his meat. Then he lays back for the finale as he takes nice long full length strokes at his huge rod. Then his body tightens up as he grabs his cock with both hands and gushes a huge torrent of hot creamy cum that runs down his hands and wrists into a puddle.

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