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Occasionally, in the military, there are times when the dominant and submissive roles need to go out the window. Sometimes a hot officer just wants to be dominated by a hot enlisted guy. But not without a little friendly arm wrestling first. Corporal Chris and Lieutenant Zach are two hot studs that need an excuse to strip down and go at it. They pull up a footlocker and kneel down to see who can dominate the other. Chris takes down Zach, but not without a pretty good fight. Two out of three? Chris is game. In the next round, Chris’ arm is fading though, and Zach manages to take him down. Now Chris’ arm is pretty much out of gas, and Zach dominates him in the final round. To the victor go the spoils. But regardless of the outcome of the match, both studs already have an agenda in mind. Zach asks if Chris likes oral, and Chris admits he likes to give. So Zach swaggers around the footlocker and slides his shorts down. Chris feels his way around Zach’s rock hard body, works his lips from Zach’s lips down to his crotch. Then he slides off Zach’s shorts and puts his warm lips on Zach’s cock, working the shaft over with his tongue. Then it’s Zach’s turn to give some head. He flicks his tongue around his abs, slides Chris’ shorts down and unlaces his boots. Then he grabs a fist full of Chris’ cock and starts working it over with his mouth and hands. In moments, Chris is getting an awesome blowjob as Zach opens his throat up to take Chris' massive cock in. But it’s not Zach’s throat that’s hungry, its his bubble but that wants a nice raw cock to stretch him open. Chris lubes up and works his cock deeper into Zach until both studs are moaning and swaying in time with each others thrusts. Chris grabs Zach’s hips and starts driving it in harder, then slows down as he edges. Then he takes a deep breath and starts pounding Zach’s prostate. They push the foot locker out of the way, Chris sits back on the sofa, and Zach slides his hole down Chris’ girthy cock, riding it bareback before squatting down on it to get it in deeper. He rides Chris hard as his prostate takes a pounding. Chis’ cock fills Zach’s hole perfectly. Then Zack lays back and throws his legs in the air for Chris to slide back in. Chris holds one of his buddy’s legs in the air as he rails Zach’s hole. He drives his cock past Zach’s second hole and unleashes a major pounding on Zach. Zach’s hands are pulling Chris’ hips in for more all the way as his buddy starts to edge in him. Then Zach lets loose a huge load while Chris is still inside him. He blasts all over his ripped abs as his ass clenches down on Chris’ cock. Then Chris moves up to Zach’s face and unleashes a major cum load all over Zach’s face.

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