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As the story goes, Army recruits go to Boy Scouts camp, and Air Force recruits go to Club Med. At least that’s the way Marines tell it! That kind of rivalry continues on throughout the services. Of course, it’s all in fun as Army Sergeant Randy and Airman Paolo demonstrate. The two start off with some cardio and it quickly becomes apparent that Paolo has been keeping up on his fitness a lot better than Sergeant Randy. Then the two go on to some reflex tests, and it’s clear that Paulo has the upper hand there too. But there is one thing that Randy seems to have an edge on; he can open his mouth wide enough to just about fit his entire fist in his mouth. A talent common among Army guys. Paulo is impressed, but his jaw muscles need a little stretching. Which Randy is only too happy to help him with. As it turns out, Paolo is a pretty eager trainee as well. The two strip off their camo blouses and Paolo sinks right down to his knees. His eyes get wide as Randy whips out his monster cock. Paulo runs his tongue from the tip to the base before he dives down on it. A few strokes of Paulo's smooth throat get Randy rock hard. Once Randy is completely hard, Paolo really has to work to get his throat all the way down. But he is determined. Then Randy lays back and lifts his legs so Paolo can service his nut sack and ass crack too. Randy starts fingering Paulo’s ass crack, and Paolo presses his hot ass right into it. Then it’s Paolo’s turn, and it turns out that he has a pretty nice throat stretcher too. Randy goes right at it, bobbing his dead down on it. It turns out Randy’s throat needed a good stretching too. Then Randy bends Paolo over and starts eating his ass crack. Paolo moans and his body twists as Randy probes his hole with the tip of his tongue. Randy lays back and lets Paolo have another shot at his cock while Randy fingers his buddy’s tight hole. Then Randy lays back and the two go 69 on each other. Their two hot bodies pressing against each other as they go for the back of each other’s throat. Then Paolo get onto his knees and starts throat fucking Randy. The two start edging closer. Randy is the first to blow his load, and Paolo laps it all up. Then Paolo licks his lips, gets up on his knees and gushes a hot creamy load into Randy’s open waiting mouth. He waits for the very last drop, then licks his lips as Paolo slaps his cock onto Randy’s chin.

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