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It’s time for joint exercises between Army and Marines. The two lieutenants from different branches of the military strip down to their underwear to get in a good workout. Before long, the PT turns into making out. Once Quinton is down on his knees between Zach’s legs, he’s ready to go to town on his crotch. Quinton’s mocha lips accentuate the pinkness of Zach’s dick as he swallows it down to the base. Zach wants to get in on the oral fun and gives Quinton’s cock a good tongue lashing before he climbs onto the sofa with his ass high in the air. Quinton dives his tongue into the firm roundness of Zach’s cheeks. Once Zach’s hole is spit lubed up and ready for penetration, Quinton sidles up with hard dick in hand. The thick brown meat glides in as Zach grunts while his insides expand. Quinton grabs both hips as he jams it in deeper, finally pressing his loins to muscled ass. Zach grits his teeth and offers to ride the black stallion’s boner. Sitting back, Quinton literally kisses his bottom’s ass before Zach settles down onto it. As Zach bounces on it, Quinton reaches around and strokes a rock hard, pink dick. With Zach on his back, Quinton finally goes to town pounding at his prostate. Zach jerks his stiffy as he gets deep dicked by his sexy black partner. At the last moment, Quinton stuffs a couple fingers into the gape, giving an extra prostate massage before Zach jets white goo over his shoulder and coating himself. Quinton licks some of it up and snowballs it back to Zach before getting a digital assist from him. Then Quinton sprays Zach down with a coating of man juice. Panting and exhausted, the two exchange a few kisses and caresses.

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