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Petty Officer Johnny used to find time during his watch onboard the ship to swap blowjobs with another seaman. If he couldn’t get time to do that, he’d jerk off in his rack. Not very private, but if somebody did happen to see him, it was that much more exciting. He’s sporting a close cropped battle beard today which compliments his dark complexion. He’s wearing a special camouflage uniform today that is used by the Navy for boarding vessels that don’t comply with orders. It’s not long before he starts to peel it off and show more of his sexy sailor’s body. Unbuttoning his pants reveals a bulge in his light blue skivvies. He gives it a few strokes through he fabric before diving his hand underneath for a good grip. When he whips it out, it’s a nice thick tool. Gazing down at his meat, Johnny gently caresses it, then grips it even tighter. When Johnny strips off his shirt, a taut physique with several tattoos is revealed. He flicks his hairy balls with his thumb and he continues giving the shaft a good up and down. Johnny kicks his feet up on the sofa and gives his balls a few tugs before yanking his pants all the way to the ankles. How his giant dick is in full view for the world to see, only obscured when he reaches down to yank on his balls and rub his taint. The strokes become more intense and his whole body stiffens. Then with several loud moans, he unleashes a giant load of jizz onto his flat stomach and chest.

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