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Bryant and James are both Sergeants in the Marines. James is a true muscle hunk full of testosterone and wanting to get off in any way he can. Bryant is extra hairy and full of tats and is looking to suck some cock. James has never really done much with guys before and Bryant seems to have done more than he lead us to believe. The hairy Marine seems to really know his way around a dick. They start out rubbing through their buckled up pants almost afraid to even bump elbows. The pants soon come off and Bryant is still afraid to make a move. James is having a hard time getting it up and keeps glancing over at Bryant's underwear and cock. It's no use. He can't get in the mood to beat off. After a lot of hesitation, he finally and reluctantly asks Bryant for some help. Bryant hops to it and before James even knows what hit him, the hairy Marine is sucking the hell out of his cock. That seems to be the magic remedy for the muscled Marine. His nice dick gets big and firm inside Bryant's warm, wet mouth. It feels so good that James takes the head of the other and starts to face fuck him. James is a big grunter and groaner too. His face contorts as he sucks in air and pumps away at the Marine's face, sliding his wet cock in and out, groaning as he exhales. Bryant's face becomes James' hole as he gets shoved and moved around in different positions all for the entertainment and pleasure of the big beefy Marine. As Jame's pole gets thicker and more throbbing, he yells out that he's going to cum and Bryant quickly gets into position. There's no way this Marine is going to miss a face full of jizz! He lays back and lets James blow his load all over his face. It's a big creamy load that sticks to Bryant everywhere it lands. James groans long and loud sounding like a wounded animal as he unleashes his beastly load. It's days worth of pent up cum that flies out onto Bryant. That's enough for Bryant too. Once he feels the warm, smooth cum hit his face, he lets his own cream fly. It oozes out of his cock and gets stuck in his pubes and all the hair on his stomach. Both of them are breathing hard and grunting as James politely thanks Bryant for the help and starts to get up and get on his way!

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